Price: $500

Province: Ontario
City: London
Type: Pets

These pups are now 11 weeks old and we are running them daily with the big dogs now and they are such wonderful puppies. The longer we have them, the more attached we are getting to them as we are seeing certain traits and personalities show now. There is one large male, and 3 females to choose from. These dogs truly are the most beautiful dogs in the world. Both mother and father are on site and can be seen. Each pup comes with a veterinary package, and has had all shots, exams, and deworming. These dogs are the most versatile K9's around. They are ideally suited for almost any situation except apartments. Great Pyrenees are great as livestock guardians, indoor companions, outdoor property protection, service dogs, contraband K9's, farm protectors, and last and best of's best friend!!! There is one girl who is 40% blind in her left eye. She was scratched by one of her siblings while feeding. It happened when she was two weeks old and she gets around just as good as the others. She was the biggest female in the litter. We will be asking $100 less for her. Please call 519-860- to see the pups. Thank You.